12 Month Access to Malene B Expanders

Product Description

Join Malene B Expanders.

Malene B Expanders is an intimate group of like-minded creative entrepreneurs who want to expand their business with real-time coaching. It’s a confidential space to share and receive feedback that is tailored to your specific needs. There are no set agendas at Malene B Expanders because YOU are the driver in this group. I will share my experience, resources, help you make decisions, curate collections, leverage your visibility, and more. In short, we’ll focus on whatever YOU need to expand your ideas and business.

Who is it for?

Malene B Expanders is for creative entrepreneurs who want to EXPAND their business through group coaching. I don’t care if you are a beginner or a seasoned design professional—a textile designer, interior designer, chef, photographer, or aspiring creative who wants to expand their ideas—because you are welcome to join this group. Still not convinced? I’m sure you have product ideas churning, or that you’ve been dreaming of seeing your products on the pages of glossy magazines. Better yet, maybe you’re ready to start manufacturing, but you don’t know how to go about it, and you’re still trying to figure out how to design your website. If any of this rings true, then this group is for YOU.

What you will get:

  • Two monthly VIDEO conference calls (because seeing is believing)
  • Expander “HOT Seat”: A 45-minute individual presentation with real-time feedback and action steps, scheduled on a rotating basis and in alphabetical order, plus a 15-minute Q&A (two members per month, one member per video conference)
  • Access to a private FB group (where you can ask questions, post updates and product ideas, cheer for one another’s successes, etc.)
  • A connection to a community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs (Everyone will provide their input.)

Introductory price: $47 per month ($1.50 per day—participate for less than the price of a Malene B Essentials e-guide)

Month-to-Month, no commitment (This group is explicitly for creatives who want to be mindful, present, and are willing to do the work.  Leave your egos but also leave when you want to leave)

When can I start?

We meet every first and third *Tuesday of the month at 8pm EST starting September 13, 2016


$ 564.00

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